Motherhood Mentor

If this is you right now then you probably don’t need me!

However if you have found yourself on this page, you are probably looking for help as your ‘perfect vision’ of motherhood seems to be out of sight right now!

Mothers under pressure

I work with mothers who are finding being a mother difficult right now. This could be for one reason or many. It could be because they are brand new to motherhood, but it is much more likely to be because something has shifted in their life. Often mothers who I work with feel that their ‘foundation skills’ of mothering just do not work for what they need to do now.

You might need my help as you may be ill or your child might be ill, or you might be going through a bereavement, a separation or even becoming a stepparent. Or you might just feel that your family is falling apart, everyone is struggling and you want the support and help for yourself to make life easier for you and all the people you love.

Who do I work with?

I work with mothers, single mothers, working mothers, stay at home mothers, new mothers, experienced mothers, empty nest mothers, grandmothers, confident mothers, and anxious mothers. 

Is this for you?

If you would like to step into your power as a mother, to understand the innate needs of every child (and every woman) and how to meet them with ease - you will love this work.

If you are exhausted with trying to fit into someone else's vision of what a mother should be then you will enjoy creating your own vision with me.

Although we might look at how you guide your child’s behaviour it is definitely NOT a 'parenting programme' telling you what you 'should', ‘must’ ‘need’ or 'ought' to do in order to make your children 'fit in'.

This way of working taps into your innate wisdom. You’ll be asked questions you may never have asked yourself before and as a result, you’ll define your own understanding of what Motherhood means to you. You will be the mother you need to be and the mother your children need you to be.

Most importantly you will discover how to meet your child’s needs and your own needs with ease.

Resourceful Parent Guide

I am also a parent guide, helping you with your babies, toddlers, children, teenagers and even young adults.

I do not follow one ‘parenting style’ but will support you to work in a way that works for your family.

First I learn from you about your own unique resources as a parent. Then we work with your innate resources focussing on the solutions that will work for you and your children.

innate resources

  • Rational thinking - using problem-solving skills and encouraging your child to use theirs.
  • Imagination - looking forward to a good experience and even practising it in your minds.
  • Memory - remembering how you overcame difficulties in the past and building on this.
  • Pattern matching - recognising which patterns (of thought and behaviour) work and which ones need to change
  • Rapport - tapping into support from others and copying what you see works for others.
  • Dreaming - Knowing when the best course of action is to ‘sleep on it’ and review the next day
  • Emotions - identify the emotions that move us forward and the ones that stop us in our tracks, and know when to explore the way we feel and when not to.
  • Observing self - remembering when to stop and take a step back and ask “what is needed right now”.

You have probably been searching for a while and will have found that there is no single manual for you. Let me help you to remember your skills and to discover the best way forward for you and your child(ren).

Why might you need my help?

You might feel that you have one problem that you need help with or many.

Whatever the reason, I work as quickly as I can to use what already ‘works’ in your family to help to change what doesn’t work. Together we shine a light on the problems and find solutions that you are happy to use.

Here to help, no matter what age your children are

I have skills and experience to guide,  whether you have a newborn baby, a toddler, school child, teenagers or even 'adult' children needing your support and guidance to move on (and move out)!

Ready to find out how I can help you?

I am based in Wiltshire and it would be good to meet you face to face at least in the first instance. However, if you prefer, I am happy to work over the phone or via Skype.

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