Psychotherapy in Trowbridge

I use the human givens approach

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You might be looking for me because:-

  • You feel stuck in a state of anxiety or depression and are unsure of how to move on,
  • You find yourself reacting with excessive fear or anger in a given situation,
  • You feel that a relationship is not really working for you - and are unsure of whether to improve it or end it,
  • You feel out of control with a habit - or you may simply yearn to live your life more fully.

I work with people of any age and at any stage including :-

  • A 5 year old with a 'Bee phobia'
  • Teenagers finding it difficult to manage their feelings and struggling with anger, self harm or eating disorders
  • Young adults struggling with anxiety, depression and addiction
  • Young parents managing the transition to parenthood, perhaps having experienced trauma around birth, or ante/post natal depression or anxiety
  • People going through a time of transition, who are feeling anxious or low as they make changes in their relationships or life styles due to illness, loss, divorce or retirement
  • People who have lived with various health diagnoses who are looking to make changes to live a healthier life

I have many years experience helping people to reach their full health potential be that physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

An early career in general nursing and health visiting expanded into further training in the human givens approach where I developed my skills in order to help you to make significant changes to the way you feel, think and behave.

I believe that the 'human givens' (a solution-focused) approach is the best way to help you to feel better quickly and I specialise in helping you in any situation where your actions or emotions are not consistent with what you really desire.

My approach

The approach I use gives us new understandings about the mechanisms in the brain relating to depression, anxiety, addiction amongst others. This means that I can often help people make dramatic progress in just a few sessions.

Effective help requires a combination of techniques outlined below.

I will ...

Listen carefully to your story - identify the issues, when did they begin, which aspects of your life are working, which are not, etc.

Teach you about how the human brain responds, and a variety of techniques for reducing stress, so that we can find one that works for you.

Use specialised techniques to de-traumatise problematic patterns from past experiences.

Set tasks to be completed between sessions (when appropriate) to learn new skills, practice making small changes, re-frame experiences, test out progress. etc.

Use stories and metaphor to work with your subconscious mind where appropriate.

Use tools such as relaxation and guided imagery to help you to  rehearse achieving any goals we have identified. Once your brain has really imagined doing something you are much better prepared to actually succeed.

Together we will...

Develop a sense of trust - ensuring that you feel safe enough to tell me about the things that I will need to know.

Identify and access your own innate resources, strengths, achievements and skills in order for me to guide you to utilise them creatively to help with progress.

Identify possible trauma or unconscious barriers which might be preventing you achieving what you want.

Identify specific sources of stress or worry.

Set simple, practical goals which we both feel confident are realistic and achievable and will take you towards improved well-being one step at a time.

Agree a strategy (plan of action) to help you over the weeks.


At each session I may take steps to measure your sense of progress towards well-being (or in rare cases, lack of it!). I also measure your confidence in the approach. I will discuss this with you as I find this transparency and honesty greatly aids your progress.


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Other work

I am is also an "experienced trainer and partner at "in8" where we offer training and resources for groups and individuals to reduce stress, through understanding how we can use our innate resources in order to meet our innate needs.

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