Birth and Parent Professionals

I am in the process of building a supportive community with other birth and parent practitioners who want to Make A Difference for Mums.

If you, like me, want to see a difference in the way that Mothers are supported in the western world, then please be a part of this ‘village’.You may be a Doula helping parents as they first step into motherhood. You may be a Parenting professional with great resources in helping parents to support their children through all the challenges that they face. Or you may just find that the work you do as a therapist a coach or a mentor is leading you to work with a growing number of mothers. But by whichever route that you find yourself reading this, it may be that you feel that there is something that is missing in the way that you are able to support mothers and you would love to understand more and to help more women and their families.

Together we will explore the growing science of ‘Matrescence’ and how The Biome, Neuroscience and Endocrinology make sense of ‘Baby Brain’ ‘The Maternal Instinct’ and ‘A Mother’s Intuition’.

Together let us help Mothers to recognise the changes that they go through and how this affects their lives, their family’s lives and the lives of their communities.

Please get in touch by email or on social media.

Let’s get this village built!