About Bindi Gauntlett HGDipP FHGI CHFP

Sometimes in life you can find yourself recognising how all the adventures you have had and all the things that you have learned can come together to forge a direction - a meaning and purpose to life. This happened to me and I'd like to help it happen to you too!

As a psychotherapist...

I use my wealth of experience to work with individuals using the human givens approach. This is a solution focused therapy using a bio/psycho/social model. If that makes sense to you - then that's great but you don't have to understand it - I have been using it for the last 20 years and it works!

Working with you I give you the time that you need when you need it. I am based in Trowbridge Wiltshire but can also work with you 'remotely' using phone or internet.

I can help you to overcome problems of anxiety, phobia, panic attacks or depression, in fact anything that affects your mood and stops you making the most of your life.

If you want to discover more about yourself I am here to help and if you want to make effective changes to your life then you have come to the right place.

I am particularly interested in the relationship between mind and body. Stress has some effect in all illnesses. Just think ..... there is NO illness that worrying about it makes it better.

If you are ready to let go of stress or distress and want to recover your optimal health and well-being, get in touch >


As a Motherhood Mentor

I work with mothers, encouraging them to recognise their own strengths and resources. Mothers have a right to have their needs met and to be valued and recognised by themselves, each other, their families and the society in which they live. We have spent too long judging both ourselves and other mothers harshly.

My belief is that when Mothers understand the changes that they go through emotionally, socially, neurologically and psychologically. They will be able to 'live their vision' and use their newfound confidence to choose their own route to live their life and be both the woman and the mother they truly want to be.

Passionate about parenting

I have ongoing success working with families with children of all ages, from birth to adulthood. Tailoring solutions to the needs of individual families allows them to make use of their own resources, as well as adopting extra skills to solve behavioural and communication problems.

Some parents require practical tools while others need emotional, mental and even spiritual help in rebuilding more resilient families. You might come to me because you just need some guidance or after illness, bereavement, divorce or becoming a step, adoptive or foster parent.

After coming to me, parents leave feeling confident, excited and positive about creating a happier, more secure and harmonious home where the family can enjoy being together.

As me

I have a great husband and a growing family. I love living in the southwest of England and exploring the towns and countryside around.


Qualifications and experience

I spent many years as a State registered Nurse and a Certified Health Visitor. I hold a diploma in Human Givens therapy (Parts 1, 2 & 3), and  I am a Fellow of the Human Givens Institute achieving a distinction in the Advanced Human Givens course.




My parent/ing training includes the 'Just What We Need' programme, the 'Triple P' Parenting Programme and the 'Noughts to Sixes' parenting programme.

I hold DBS clearance.

I believe...

I believe that when human beings' needs are met in balance, it is in our nature to thrive. We do not need taking apart or fixing, but sometimes we need help to steer ourselves back to well-being.

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