ATTENTION Parents, how do you manage screen time?

Do you hate it when your kids are absorbed in their screens and not giving attention to you, themselves or other things in life that are important?

We all need attention, and when we are ignored, or overlooked, we can feel quite stressed.

Yet how often do we ourselves, find that we are absorbed by a screen and not giving attention to our little ones? We also love being absorbed by something that grabs our interest and makes time fly. Let’s not expect our children to be any different to us.

Why does tech have such a powerful hold over us?

As humans we love to feel in flow - a sort of state of trance that makes time go by unnoticed. Music, art, reading, and exercise are common experiences of the flow state. Many people experience this state when using technology, especially playing games.

Attention is like a nutrition, the right amount of attention fills us up, too much makes us uncomfortable and too little makes us stressed. Of course, face to face attention is wonderful, but attention from our virtual friends in games and in social media is nourishment itself. We can also attract or repel attention quite easily online.

So, Flow and Attention are two incredibly strong draws to technology, and it can feel very difficult to switch everything off and do something different.

What do you enjoy doing? and what kind of real-life attention do you like? Look first to yourself and then to your children. You might come up with an answer that works for you both. You never know, those answers could even include using technology.

Let me know which ways you and your family give each other attention and go with the flow.

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