Can mothers change our world?

I sometimes come up with a big idea and very often because it has been bubbling for a long time. This is my response to a post in a facebook group discussing the perils of climate change. I want to thank my grandmothers for their part in this. “I feel very strongly that mothers have a vital role to play. We are the people who understand on a very deep level what nature and creation are about. We are the people who have direct experience of the interconnectedness and non-duality. A part of us walks the earth without a physical connection to us. If we can connect as a web of mothers we just might have a chance to exude kindness, nurturing and care. This may just change the many systems on the planet that need changing. Imagine if all our governments were run by mothers - if countries were run like families. If our health and education systems were based on love, not fear. This surely is our message and our contribution, let us stand on the shoulders of the mothers who came before us.” This is for my children and grandchildren- and yours 💕

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