Hypnosis for Infertility

Are you concerned about the possibility of infertility? Are you hoping to be pregnant for the first time or have you been pregnant before and it is just not happening this time? Would you like to explore whether hypnosis might help?

Women have been coming to me with stress, anxiety and fears around pregnancy and childbirth for many years. I have helped them to connect their mind and body so that they are both "on the same side" and they have gone on to conceive, and to have a baby of their own.

'Nicola' came to see me in her early forties, she was fit and well but longed to conceive her own child. She was however giving up hope, she had undergone 2 courses of IVF and was planning a third. She and her husband were finding that this hopelessness was impacting on their marriage. Nicola also resented the drugs and interventions that conventional assisted conception offered. Yet working together Nicola started to view everything more positively and Nicola stayed calm and strong  as she went on to conceive and deliver a beautiful baby boy.

If you feel that you need ways to cope with your feelings around conception, if you want to unlock some limiting beliefs in a safe environment, if you want to let go of some guilt, shame or sadness, or if you just want to increase your odds of having a baby with the help of both medical intervention and hypnosis then let's have a conversation about how I can help.

If you are curious about how I could help you using hypnotherapy then please do get in touch.

email me at bindi@bindigauntlett.uk

Bindi Gauntlett

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