Bindi Gauntlett HGDip P, FHGI, CHFP.

"When your needs are met in balance, it is in your nature to thrive."

You do not need 'taking apart' or 'fixing', but I can help you to steer yourself back to well-being.

Throughout my life I have both experienced and helped others through painful and difficult situations and through this I have honed an intuitive understanding of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health.

Using a holistic approach I believe we have the ability to change patterns of health and behaviour for the better.

If you are finding life is stressful, you want to feel calm, confident and positive but you are feeling, anxious, angry, depressed or sad I may well be able to help you.

Although I work with people of any age or gender I find that an increasing number of Mothers come to me for 'first aid' help with their own emotional difficulties and for longer term work for their transitions around motherhood and specific support around parenting.

Whether you need help for yourself or for your family, please read more or call me to see how I can help .

Human Givens Psychotherapy in Trowbridge

I use the human givens approach – a solution – focused bio/psycho/social model of psychotherapy. - In short this means that I work with you to find solutions to any dilemmas you may be facing, and use my knowledge of how the brain, mind, body and society works in order to help you to feel better as quickly as possible.

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Motherhood and parenting

If you are struggling with your role as a mother; perhaps you are trying to juggle too much or feeling insecure as 'just a mum', or maybe you know that there is something more to being a mother and you want to explore that further - then get in touch with me.

On the other hand you may be wanting guidance/support/ideas about your relationship with your child or how to help them to manage their behaviour.  You might even want help to support them on their journey through toddler/schoolchild/teenage years  - again get in touch and we can talk about how I might be able to help.

* Although I work mainly with Mothers I am in no way 'against' or 'dismissive' of fathers It's just that Mothering is where MY expertise lies!

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About Bindi Gauntlett

For psychotherapy I work from my private practice in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.




For motherhood mentoring I work from my practice room and also on the phone or Skype.

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